Peer Reviewed Publications- Management and Organizations

Mislin, A.,, Boumgarden,P.A. , Jang, Daisung, Bottom, William P. (2015) “Accounting for reciprocity in negotiation and social exchange.” Judgment and Decision Making. (pdf)

Boumgarden, P.A.. Nickerson, J, & Zenger, T. (2012) “Sailing into the wind: Exploring the relationships among ambidexterity, vacillation, and organizational performance.” Strategic Management Journal. (pdf)

Bunderson, J.S., Boumgarden,P.A. (2010) “Structure and learning in self-managed teams: Why bureaucratic teams might actually be better learners.” Organization Science. (pdf)

Book Chapters

Boumgarden, P., Johnson, K. “Earthly Peace in the Halls of the City Schools.” Corners in the City of God: Theology, Philosophy and The Wire (Eugene: Cascade, 2013), eds. M. Werntz, M & J. Tran.

Other Publications

Baker, V.L. & Boumgarden, P.A. (2015). “A liberal arts perspective on engage executive education.” Academe.

Boumgarden, P.A. (2015, July 21). “How a cartoon caption contest can make you a better writer.” Harvard Business Review Online.

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Boumgarden, P.A. (2012). “In review: When I was a child I read books, Marilynne Robinson.” Christian Century. May 29.

Academic Publications- In Preparation / Under-Review

Grey, S, Bunderon, S., Boumgarden, P., and Bechara, J. “Organizational restructuring as catalyst for cross-unit ties.” Preparing for Submission at Strategic Management Journal.

“Venture Capital and the Innovative Landscape” (With Steve Gray) - Categorizes decision-making and learning strategies amongst venture capitalists, and the corresponding implications for understanding innovation.

“Learning, networks, and market design: The case of sorority recruitment.” (With Enrico Manlapig, Write-up in Progress)- Examines learning from one’s network in the sorority recruitment pattern, with implications for how to think about dual-sided matching in economics..

“Now that’s promising! A social influence model of initiative evaluation.“ Examines ways in which leaders in organizations see innovation differently, and the factors that might drive more collective intelligence in this process.