The primary focus of my academic research is on the impact of formal and informal structure on individual and organizational performance. This work takes place in a relatively eclectic set of contexts including, but not limited to, computer chip manufacturing teams, media organizations, design teams, research and development organizations, Silicon Valley, and sorority rush. Most often, I am interested in performance specific to innovation.

I work with a variety of methods to best understand the phenomena of interest-- primarily network data, qualitative interviews and archival analysis, and survey development. Much of my current work utilizes social networks given my believe that with whom we interact shapes much of what we do. My published work can be found in Organization Science and Strategic Management Journal amongst other outlets. Links to working papers can also be found on this site. My most recent research explores the ideal structure of venture capital investment in entrepreneurial venture, and work on market design as studied in the context of sorority recruitment.

The majority of my research takes place in the field. As a result, I am ideally working closely in this work with an organization’s leaders to develop solutions that move from the insight that academic research creates to pragmatic, implementable solutions. I have completed engagements of this form with a range of companies, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, and across high-tech, financial services, and agribusiness sectors. As an academic category, my research exists in the space between organizational behavior, organizational theory, and strategy. In this work, I attempt to start with a realistic understanding of individual actors, in all our rationality and lack thereof, and then to envision how these actions shape the larger macro systems in which we reside.

In addition to my more traditional organizational research, I also write on issues of business for a larger practitioner audience-- work of which can be found in online publication of Harvard Business Review and Stanford Social Innovation Review, amongst others. I have written numerous pieces of cultural criticism. Examples include reviews of the television show MadMen and Girls for Harvard Divinity Bulletin , a book chapter on the broken educational systems and a philosophy of systemic justice in The Wire, and a review of author Marilynne Robinson's book of essays When I was a child I read books.