Impact in Action. by Shaping Systems. through Strategy and Design. 

I am not a consulting shop, so I am quite targeted in my work with organizations. In practice, this means that I take on a curated set of clients and help strategically drive them toward their outcomes of interest.

While not exclusive, this work increasingly focuses on clients within technology, healthcare, finance, hospitality, agriculture, and organizations who are closely held, family or otherwise. I am particularly interested in companies or organizational ecosystems, pursuing market-disrupting solutions to complicated social and economic problems. 

In this work, I bring together expertise on strategy and organizational design. This work moves from the imagination of what is possible to solution design and implications for delivery– all the while guided by the explicit organizational values in play and the data that best elucidates the underlying opportunity landscape.

If this work is of interest, drop me a note by email as I am happy to share more of my advising method.

By their nature, humans have powerful imaginations. Sometimes this means we see things before they can be articulated, let alone built. Marrying together what must be with how it can be designed is crucial for addressing complicated organizational realities.
Organizations are inert. As people, our routines calcify, a pattern that can hold potential at bay in a fast-changing world that rewards experimentation and innovation. Turning a designed vision into practice requires thinking about how systems are best nudged into motion and corralled into action. This practice requires just as much art as it does science.
Values articulate what we believe should be true– whether priorities to live out or a direction to which we aspire. But the world’s movement is felt in data, those particular traces of behavior that point to the current state and the pain points all around. Client engagement should walk the line between the two, knowing how to blend what should be with an understanding of where things stand. 

Subset of Advising Clients or Invited Talks / Executive Education Engagements