Transformation in the Classroom. through Relationships. by Creative Conversations.

In my teaching, I love helping students learn to balance their creative and critical impulses when thinking about organizations. The joy I get from education is supporting students as they navigate the bridge from theory to action. This outcome is just as compelling whether I work with undergraduates, graduate students, or executives. I believe that leaders who enact such ways of thinking are as rare as they are valuable. 

When I teach, I focus on:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Engagement, knowing that the categories we use to describe the world can sometimes keep us from understanding it holistically,

  • Theory and Practice Dialectic, believing that complex problems in the real world are illuminated through theory and action in dialogue, and

  • Teaching in Relationship,¬†understanding that the richness of learning expands in a context of trust, understanding, and mutual vulnerability.

Creative Course Design - Example

Previous Teaching History

  • High Impact Productivity (WashU)
  • Informal Leadership (WashU)
  • Conflict & Change (WashU)
  • Innovation Through the Fog (WashU)
  • Innovative Leadership (Notre Dame)
  • Strategy (Ross, Michigan)
  • Negotiation ARTS (WDI, Michigan)
  • Leadership (EMBA, IIT Bombay / WashU)
  • Global Leadership (EMBA, WashU)
  • Power and Politics (WashU)
  • Leading Change (WashU)
  • Talent Analytics (WashU)
  • Values-Based and Data-Driven Leadership (WashU)
  • Foundations of General Management (WashU)
  • Ownership Insights: Strategic Leadership of Family and Private Enterprise (WashU)
  • Markets and Morality (WashU)
  • Small Business Initiative (WashU)
  • Organizational Behavior (WashU)
  • Marketing Strategy (WashU)
  • Management Theory (Hope College)
  • Strategy (Ross Business School)