Teaching Philosophy

The joy I get out of teaching is more in the how than the what. Creative and critical, theoretical and pragmatic, thinkers of this vein are as rare as they are valuable. This is true whether I am working with undergraduates, graduate students, or executives simultaneously immersed in action. 

When I teach, I focus on:

Multi-Disciplinary Engagement, knowing that the subdivided categories by which we describe the world sometimes keep us from understanding it holistically,

Theory and Practice Dialectic, believing that complex problems in the real world are illuminated through theory and in action, and

Teaching through Relationship, understanding that the richness of learning expands in a context of trust, understanding, and mutual vulnerability.

More to the point, I am a Professor of Practice of Strategy and Organizations at Washington University in St. Louis. At WashU, I teach people how to understand and engage in the organizational systems in which they sit. At the executive level, I teach in Washington University’s executive education program and in similar programs at the University of Michigan, the University of Notre Dame, and a custom designed online executive learning platform called CorpU.¬†



– Negotiation ARTS (WDI, Michigan)

– High Impact Productivity (WashU)

– Conflict & Change (WashU)

– Innovative Leadership (Notre Dame)

– Innovating Through the Fog (WashU)

– Strategy (Ross, Michigan)


– Organizational Behavior (WashU, Luxembourgh School of Business)

– Power and Politics

– Organizational Change


– Strategy

– Marketing Strategy

– Healthcare and Innovation

– Management Theory