I study to find clarity. I write to share insights. Through a mix of academic publication, writing for leaders in the field, and engagement with broader cultural trends, I work to elucidate the world to drive our engagement within it.

In my academic study of organizations, I focus on the role of structure in shaping individuals within systems. At times, this means how group norms guide behavior. At other times, it explores how previous investment networks of venture capitalists guides their deal flow and the way they assess investment opportunities.  In either case, the common thread is identifying the dynamics that create inertia in our organizations and broader society, and then considering how they might be nudged toward more optimal ends.

Organizations are living entities. The people within them are making decisions on a daily basis shaped by how they see the world. One way that I seek to make an impact then is by informing the thinking of these leaders. This influence requires getting into a conversation with leaders living and engaging in organizations and the world more broadly trying to shape action.

In his work on cultural transformation, the sociologist James Davison Hunter points to the decreasing relevance of the university, family, church, and other institutions, and instead points to the rising prominence of commerce, technology, and entertainment. The final point of interest in my scholarship, therefore, is to understand how such cultural institutions guide the behavior of society more broadly. My interest here is less on understanding such waves of change and then considering how leaders might nudge such patterns more thoughtfully.

Selected Publications and Working Papers

Academic – Business
Mislin, A.A., Boumgarden, P., Jang, D., & Bottom, W.P. (2015). “Accounting for reciprocity in negotiation and social exchange.” Judgment and Decision-Making.
Baker, V.L., Boumgarden, P.A. (2015) “A model for engaged executive education: A liberal arts perspective.” Academe.
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Bunderson, J.S., Boumgarden, P.A. (2010) “Structure and learning in self-managed teams: Why bureaucratic teams might actually be better learners.” Organization Science. 

Grant Funding – Entrepreneurship
Peaslee, G., Boumgarden, P., & Ritter, E. 2015. “Development of a Business Model for a Rapid Screening Test for PFCs” NSF I-Corp, Proposal #1523455 ($50,000)

Manuscripts in Preparation
Boumgarden, P., Gray, S., Ranganathan, R. “Sending mixed signals: The importance of status homogeneity among investors in early state investors.” Data collected and in process of analysis. Targeting Strategic Management Journal or Administrative Science Quarterly.
Boumgarden, P., Bottom, B., Luckman, E. “Technology transfer in the social sciences: Business schools as facilitators in the translation of knowledge to practice.” Data collected and in process of analysis. Manuscript in preparation, targeting Administrative Science Quarterly.
Hand, M., Boumgarden, P., Gray, S., Ranganathan, R. “Strategy and chasing the money in political campaigns.” Data collected and in process of analysis.
Boumgarden, P. & Hueth, B. “Board design and behavior in the cooperative organization.” Data collected and in process of analysis and manuscript preparation.
Boumgarden, P.  & Horn, J. “The empathetic strategist.”  Manuscript in preparation for Harvard Business Review.
Boumgarden, P. Zenger, T. & Nickerson, J. “Dynamics of execution.“ Manuscript in preparation for Harvard Business Review.

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Cultural Engagement
Boumgarden, P.A. (2014). “Girls and Sarah Coakley through a theological lens of desire.“ Harvard Divinity Bulletin.
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