Peter Boumgarden, PhD

Academic Entrepreneur


Whether working with executives, undergraduates, or anyone in between, my teaching focuses on intersections between strategy, society, and people. Some of this instruction addresses how organizations turn vision into reality, while other parts focus on how people might better navigate the complex realities of organizational life.


In my research and writing, I focus on how organizational systems enable or constrain our ability to make envisioned realities concrete. I do this with a mix of writing in formal academic publications, writing for the practitioner community, and broader cultural commentary.


In my work with companies, I help leaders better navigate the strategic choices they face, using a mix of tools from design thinking, theory on strategy and organization, and methods that synthesize insights from people across the organization.

About Me

I am a Professor of Practice of Strategy & Organizations at Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School. Across my work, I attempt to live at the intersection of theory and practice, design and delivery, values and data. I work closely with students on these issues, while also bringing my insight to market through direct engagement with companies from industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, design, and manufacturing, amongst others.