I am an academic entrepreneur, a writer, and an advisor to business leaders. In pursing this work, I look to engage the questions of business and strategy by moving across disciplines-- attempting to build on insights from psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, etc. in order to more appropriately engage those I teach, those for whom I write, and those with whom I work.

On this site you will find various outgrowths of that work. I will describe my philosophy of teaching and scholarship and include examples of written pieces in academic journals and those outlets for the broader public. I also explain a bit of the work that I do with organizations, knowing that business is as much a practice as it is an academic discipline. Finally, in the “newsletter” section of the site, you can find a way to engage with me on a more regular basis— through signing up for an every other week link from my inbox to yours.

If you desire to connect, please use the site’s contact form or email me here. If you want to find out more of what I am thinking about or engaging with, please sign up for my newsletter. This bi-weekly email includes a longer-form reflection on any number of topics in addition to a number of links from the weeks news that I find worth a read. Feel free to engage with me at any one of the social media links in the upper right corner of the blog as well (LinkedIn where I have a profile of my work, Twitter where I speak into the world in 140 character increments, and Pinboard where I store links that I think will be relevant later). Finally, if you are a student who wants to get together in person, please use the the youcanbook.me site to find a time to meet.